The Event and Promotional Staffing Industry Covid-19 Impact Report

A survey of event and promo staffing agencies in the UK: benchmarking the business impact of coronavirus, analysing recovery strategies and forecasting the future of the industry.

Use the insights from this report to help plan the road to recovery

Covid-19 has had an impact on every part of our lives and its effects will last for some time. The Events and Promo industries have been hit particularly hard. Despite generating an estimated £70bn to the UK economy and providing 700,000 jobs, the industry as a whole is in a phase of uncertainty.

To help clear some of that fog and get a fact-based, emotion-free idea of how professionals in the industry are coping, what has helped so far and what they can expect for the future, we set out to benchmark the industry.

This report outlines the findings from that research which we hope proves useful in navigating the last parts of the storm as well as preparing for navigating the road to recovery. We have tracked the progress of the impact so far up to September 2020, these trackers are included in the download.  

Monthly Tracking Updates

As an added bonus you'll also receive results each month from our tracker survey giving you a status update of industry recovery, currently up to and including September 2020.  

Some of the Key Findings...

4-6 months 36%

54% of agencies will be insolvent in 6 months

With the general consensus that events won't be back in full swing until March 2021 - what are agencies doing to survive until then? 


69% of agencies furloughed their temp staff 

But with the governments' plans to change things in October what impact will this have on agencies cashflow?

Yes 69%
Yes 78%

78% of temp staff still want to work in the events industry despite the risks associated with Covid-19

But how many of the agencies have offered Covid-19 training and PPE equipment? 

"We are not in the same boat. We are in the same storm! But very different boats!"

Michael Wyrley-Birch, CEO

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