Sales forcast template

Start Forecasting Now To Survive Covid-19

Forecasting Is The Most Powerful Tool That Will Put You In Control Of Your Business

Forecasting your sales will be crucial to understanding how you will survive Covid-19 and beyond!


Use this Free Template to start planning ahead now! Provided as both a Google Sheet (recommended) and Excel.

5 Reasons To Start Now

  1. Peace of mind - gives you a clear status of affairs
  2. Customisable to your way of working
  3. Includes charts and diagrams to visualise the status
  4. Helps with decision making
  5. Easy to use with step by step guide

"The goal of forecasting is not to predict the future but to tell you what you need to know to take meaningful action in the present"

Paul Saffo

Easy to get started...

1. Configure Template

We've made the template flexible so you can easily configure things like the start month to match your company's financial year, sales target per month and even the project statuses. The template includes instructions on how to do this.


2. Start To Forecast 

Add projects and deals you know about into the template. Make sure you add the expected turnover in the month you will confirm the deal. 

3. Review status

The template includes a number of pre-programmed graphs and charts to visually show you useful forecast metrics, e.g. confirmed sales against monthly targets, or a breakdown of deal statuses.